Readings of Authors from Slovenia


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Esad Babačić

Esad Babačić reading an extract from his awarded collection of essays Machine, Are You Aware of Your Debt.


Esad Babačić reading his poem Crap. Translation by Igor Divjak.



Dejan Koban

Deajn Koban reading from his poetry collection Clusterfuck. Traslation by Igor Divjak.



Barbara Korun

Barbara Korun reading her poem Hannah Arendt is reporting on the trial against Eichmann, Jerusalem, Israel, May 1962. Translation by Barbara Jurša.


Svetlana Makarovič

Svetlana Makarovič reading her poem Needle. Translation by Alan McConnell-Duff.


Boris A. Novak

Boris A. Novak reading his poem Republic Square to protesters against the government repression in front of the presidential palace on June 24, 2020. Translation by Igor Divjak.


Boris A. Novak read a poem To 167 Classmates in the garden of the Slovene Writers’  Union on August 22, 2020. With this poem he thanked his students at the Department of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana for supporting him at the time of politically motivated public persecution and discreditation of his name. Translation by Igor Divjak. 


This page is financially supported by the Slovenian Book Agency.